Omg! What an incredible day i have had! today i officially launched my Arbonne business! My mentor Kristin White came down from Chch to do this! She is an incredible inspiration to all woman. Such a beautiful person, you know when you meet these people and just CLICK! I feel so inspired after today and i just want to do lots of presentations and share this AMAZING product with people! 

All my family came and hannah my best friends family and i had the support of my man friend there too  πŸ˜œ Most of my friends were busy so hopefully i can do some presentations are share this with them over the next few weeks! 

I feel like there isnt enough hours in the day to do everything! i love being so busy and super inspired! 

 Im not ganna lie today i was sooooo nervous and anxious – but i did it and the feeling afterwards is just amazing 

I am just high on lifeeeeee! 

I hope everyone reading this is having the beest day and remember to smile – a smile goes a long way!!! 

If your interested in Arbonne, purchasing products or just hearing more about the company i would be more than happy to do a presentation for you online! Arbonne is an amazing Pure Safe and Beneficial skincare and product line with over 400 products. We even sell toothpaste! Build your Network Marketting business with US! Get to the top theres room for everyone!!!!

Im going to Oamaru tomorrow to go bowling! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† i need to sleep its 1.21am hereee 😘😘😘😘


Coconut Oil – MY SKINS SAVIOR!!

I Love Coconut Oil!

I have such extremely dry skin which has just gotten so much worse since being sick and having IBS. I literally go through buckets of this stuff I love it! My number one use for it is after the shower or pool I completely lather myself in this super hydrating oil – it makes my skin feel amazing!!

Please note : That just because there are uses for it doesn’t mean it would 100% work for you. Everyone is different.

But I must say..

I love this stuff!

I have heard the best one to buy is Organic cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil but I am sure specific ones would be better for certain things so just do your research but this one is a good over all one!

Recent studies have shown that Coconut Oil offers lots of different health benefits and is good for lots of different reasons..

In cooking

Taken as a daily supplement

On skin as a moisteriser

Homemade lotion/soap/massage bars

Making own toothpaste

Homemade deodorant or to get rid of B.O

Eye makeup remover

Skin cleanser

Diaper cream

Lighten age spots

Prevent/help with stretch marks

Support healthy Thyroid function

To help get rid of cradle cap on babies

Topically to kill yeast or yeast infections

Massage oil

Helps boost metabolism

Help with hair frizz when using a small amount

Intensive night cream

Ingredient in body scrubs – mix with sugar

Lips – natural lip balm

Help skin heal after injury or infection

Natural conditioner

Hair mask

On nipples to sooth irritation

Sooth psoriasis and/or eczema

Regular ingestion to help boost overall health

Use as filling or ingredient in foods for energy boost

Rub on inside of nose to help alleviate allergy symptoms

Nursing mum can ingest daily to help increase milk supply and nutrients

Can help improve insulin levels

Oil Pulling – Natural teeth whiten and improves gum health

Help improve cholesterol levels

Speedy recovery from cold/flu

Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins

Helps with sunburn

Natural personal lubricant

Antibacterial skin cream

Anti-inflammatory properties help with arthritis

Can reduce itch in bites

Rubbed into scalp daily to promote hair growth

Help speed weight loss when consumed daily


On cuticles to help nail grow

Helps with dry skin

Yeast infections

Add to smoothies to give nutritional boost

Boost circulation

Internally and Externallly to speed recovery of UTIs

Shaving cream

Use in the sun

Can be used on pets

Insect repellent

Rash soother

Cold sores

Fungal infections

I know there are even more uses for the famous Coconut Oil out there but here it lots for you to sift through.

πŸ™‚Β Β  πŸ™‚


I am now officially an Independent Arbonne Consultant


This is amazing!

I once heard of Arbonne through a very special man, he introduced me to the famous Mrs Kristin White and it was all go from there! He told me about Arbonne before mentioning it to Kristin because he knows exactly what im like – I have to research this product find more about it before I hear from a consultant and that is exactly what I did.

As soon as I begun reading about Arbonne and speaking to Kristin, hearing how positive she was, I knew I had to be involved in this. Arbonne was all I think about and it still is and will be forever part of my life and I am so happy to say that!

Kristin offering me this opportunity really changed my life – I felt like a now have a purpose! Currently I was feeling a little lost in life. Recently moved back to town in Timaru, ended my toxic relationship and quit my job! I began thinking of starting my own business from home with my Beauty & Massage Therapy. I started doing my regular clients and offering treatments to the public but I still felt like I needed something more, I needed something else to forfil my life – ARBONNE!

I have IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome so earning money as much as I really want from home and alongside my Beauty & Massage Therapy Business is something that is really going to work and help me out. I am only 22 years old and I have suffered terribly with my health for the past 4-5 years. Finally deciding not to go back to full time work was the best decision for my health and my life. I am now so much more happier and healthier. I can sleep more in the mornings as this is when I feel my worst and I can do my clients and Arbonne business all afternoon and night!

Not only do I run my own Arbonne business and Beauty/Massage business from home I also write a lifestyle/beauty/Arbonne/bit of everything blog! Exactly where you are reading this! I am going to be posting heaps of stuff up on here especially in the next couple of weeks!

Oh and I have an Instagram @kayleemaree__x

Warning – I like to take A LOT of selfies


Wooooohoooooooooooo have a wonderful day everyone!


β€œDon’t ask yourself if it doesn’t work, ask yourself what if it does work? Something magical happens when you allow yourself to dream big”

Massage Therapy


Massage is so beneficial its ridiculous! Everyone should be getting weekly massages – Im serious!Masage bneifts.png

So I thought I would write a wee post about all the Massage treatments I do from home!

Here goes! πŸ™‚

Aroma Swedish Massage

Swedish massage techniques are applied to the body for ultimate relaxation. Warmed aromatherapy essential oils are used to help restore your health and well-being as we melt the tension in your muscles away.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage therapy focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. It is used for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as; a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness and sore shoulders. Not the relaxing type of massage – you will be sore for a couple of days and then feel amazing!

Hot Stone MassageΒ 

Hot stone massage is a unique therapy that involves the application of heated basalt stones to key points of the body, giving a deeper massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. Did you know that one stroke with a hot basalt stone is equivalent to 10 manual massage strokes.

Heavenly Head MassageΒ 

This form of massage works on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, ears and face. Areas are massaged using firm but gentle rhymic movements that involve acupressure points called marma points.

Foot MassageΒ 

A relaxing therapy with the use of reflexology techniques to detect imbalances elsewhere in the body. By working these points, tensions are eased within the whole body


All About Arbonne….


Arbonne is a green, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free company from Switzerland. It was created in 1975 by Petter Morck in tandem with biologists, herbalists and biochemists with a vision of providing clean, effective, safe botanical-based ingredients.

People just need to have skin and hair for Arbonne. Everybody has skin and most people have hair and everyone wants to look and feel amazing don’t they? We sell over 400 consumable products – something for honestly everyone!

Arbonne is a better way. It is another option but a better option – safer more effective premium alternative to what you are already using.

A safe skincare product for you and your family.


What makes Arbonne different?

  • Ingredient Policy – Botanically based which means that all ingredients come from a plant, flower or an erb.
  • PH Correct – Ensures skin is balanced
  • Hypo-Allergenic & Dermatologist Tested
  • NEVER tested on animals – All products are tested on a human panel
  • VEGAN Certified – No animal by-products
  • NO Mineral Oil – Mineral oil interferes with function of the skin, it acts like cling wrap on skin, suffocating it
  • NO Chemicals OR Dyes


PURE – Meaning made with the finest ingredients

SAFE – Meaning safe to use, been tested to ensure this

BENEFICIAL – Products that actually work!

Alll ABout Meeeeeee!


Just the way I like it – all about me!

Ha! But no seriously guys I thought theres no point in me starting by writing lots of stuff if yous hardly know me! This blog post is going to be lots of information about ME! So then hopefully you guys have a wee bit of knowledge about me!

But to be honest this is kind of like a new chapter in my life. I am starting again. Starting fresh! So you can follow me getting to know myself and overcoming lifes daily struggles!

Soooooo where to start?

My name is Kaylee Maree Neilson

I am 22years of age πŸ˜‰

I grew up in Waimate –Β a small shit hole that I get so much shit when I tell people

I love my family! I have 2 amazing beautiful nieces that are just my world. Leah (7) and Georgia (22months) I am also really close with my Nana and all of my aunty’s and cousins – were all a pretty close family that always got each others backs.

I have IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome & lots of other health conditions. I had a LOT of struggles with my health and it is still a struggle on a regular occurrence god damn it!!

I am a quailed Beauty and Spa therapist and I specialise in massage – LOVE IT!

I love crystals and my oracle cards – they help me lots!

I am currently not working at the moment and am trying to get my health and life lets be honest back on track!

I swear LOTS – Filthy mouth

I say what I think, i am very opinionated (sometimes when I shouldn’t be)

I am single. Have been in a couple of serious relationships and one last one that completely destroyed me – but we aint talking about that one today!! I am now focusing on me and only me, cant get a broken heart if its hidden away!

I like the spa and sauna currently going through a wee phase – its amazing! Gets me out of bed and were even going to start doing gym classes! By we I men me and Hannah,

Hannah is someone that will be getting mentioned a lot she is a very good friend of mine kind of like a soul sister she is a beautiful human and has helped me a lot these past few months – Hannah is the one that got me into crystals!

I also like SLEEP – ALOT! I need a lot of sleep to function. When I get tired and run down I get sick so I try to sleeeeep lots! So if I am a whire for a bit its because im highly likely having a sleep bingeeee!

Right enough getting to know me for now. Got to keep you people on your toes πŸ™‚




I have always loved writing and reading blogs and since lately I have a lot of spare time on my hands why not give this whole ‘Blogging’ a crack!

I used to write a blog a few years ago about makeup and living with ISB but then deleted it.. HAHA! Ooh well I am all about starting fresh at the moment so why not give this blogging thing a decent crack with all the spare time I have on my hands!

This blog is going to be about anything and everything from makeup to clothes to having IBS to food to adventures to friendship and especially MASSAGE! Massage is amazing and so so beneficial but don’t get me started on that topic quite yet..

Ooh any you may as well all know now.. I love taking selfies. Its one of my favourite things to do! Follow me on instagram for lots of selfies and just to follow my life! It will going along side this blog!


Well that’s my hello for now anyways everyone im going to stuff my face with basil pesto flatbread the best creation in the world!

Sweeeeet Dreams Everyone πŸ™‚