I have always loved writing and reading blogs and since lately I have a lot of spare time on my hands why not give this whole ‘Blogging’ a crack!

I used to write a blog a few years ago about makeup and living with ISB but then deleted it.. HAHA! Ooh well I am all about starting fresh at the moment so why not give this blogging thing a decent crack with all the spare time I have on my hands!

This blog is going to be about anything and everything from makeup to clothes to having IBS to food to adventures to friendship and especially MASSAGE! Massage is amazing and so so beneficial but don’t get me started on that topic quite yet..

Ooh any you may as well all know now.. I love taking selfies. Its one of my favourite things to do! Follow me on instagram for lots of selfies and just to follow my life! It will going along side this blog!


Well that’s my hello for now anyways everyone im going to stuff my face with basil pesto flatbread the best creation in the world!

Sweeeeet Dreams Everyone 🙂




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Beauty & Spa Therapist Specialise in Swedish Massage Makeup Lover Selfie Queen Living life to the full - making the most out of every day thats my motto currently! Follow me in my crazy wonderful but pretty boring life filled with all sorts of different stuff.. Want to get to know me yet? 😇🤗 Beauty surrounds us in everywa @crazybeautifullife101

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