Alll ABout Meeeeeee!


Just the way I like it – all about me!

Ha! But no seriously guys I thought theres no point in me starting by writing lots of stuff if yous hardly know me! This blog post is going to be lots of information about ME! So then hopefully you guys have a wee bit of knowledge about me!

But to be honest this is kind of like a new chapter in my life. I am starting again. Starting fresh! So you can follow me getting to know myself and overcoming lifes daily struggles!

Soooooo where to start?

My name is Kaylee Maree Neilson

I am 22years of age 😉

I grew up in Waimate – a small shit hole that I get so much shit when I tell people

I love my family! I have 2 amazing beautiful nieces that are just my world. Leah (7) and Georgia (22months) I am also really close with my Nana and all of my aunty’s and cousins – were all a pretty close family that always got each others backs.

I have IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome & lots of other health conditions. I had a LOT of struggles with my health and it is still a struggle on a regular occurrence god damn it!!

I am a quailed Beauty and Spa therapist and I specialise in massage – LOVE IT!

I love crystals and my oracle cards – they help me lots!

I am currently not working at the moment and am trying to get my health and life lets be honest back on track!

I swear LOTS – Filthy mouth

I say what I think, i am very opinionated (sometimes when I shouldn’t be)

I am single. Have been in a couple of serious relationships and one last one that completely destroyed me – but we aint talking about that one today!! I am now focusing on me and only me, cant get a broken heart if its hidden away!

I like the spa and sauna currently going through a wee phase – its amazing! Gets me out of bed and were even going to start doing gym classes! By we I men me and Hannah,

Hannah is someone that will be getting mentioned a lot she is a very good friend of mine kind of like a soul sister she is a beautiful human and has helped me a lot these past few months – Hannah is the one that got me into crystals!

I also like SLEEP – ALOT! I need a lot of sleep to function. When I get tired and run down I get sick so I try to sleeeeep lots! So if I am a whire for a bit its because im highly likely having a sleep bingeeee!

Right enough getting to know me for now. Got to keep you people on your toes 🙂




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Beauty & Spa Therapist Specialise in Swedish Massage Makeup Lover Selfie Queen Living life to the full - making the most out of every day thats my motto currently! Follow me in my crazy wonderful but pretty boring life filled with all sorts of different stuff.. Want to get to know me yet? 😇🤗 Beauty surrounds us in everywa @crazybeautifullife101

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