Coconut Oil – MY SKINS SAVIOR!!

I Love Coconut Oil!

I have such extremely dry skin which has just gotten so much worse since being sick and having IBS. I literally go through buckets of this stuff I love it! My number one use for it is after the shower or pool I completely lather myself in this super hydrating oil – it makes my skin feel amazing!!

Please note : That just because there are uses for it doesn’t mean it would 100% work for you. Everyone is different.

But I must say..

I love this stuff!

I have heard the best one to buy is Organic cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil but I am sure specific ones would be better for certain things so just do your research but this one is a good over all one!

Recent studies have shown that Coconut Oil offers lots of different health benefits and is good for lots of different reasons..

In cooking

Taken as a daily supplement

On skin as a moisteriser

Homemade lotion/soap/massage bars

Making own toothpaste

Homemade deodorant or to get rid of B.O

Eye makeup remover

Skin cleanser

Diaper cream

Lighten age spots

Prevent/help with stretch marks

Support healthy Thyroid function

To help get rid of cradle cap on babies

Topically to kill yeast or yeast infections

Massage oil

Helps boost metabolism

Help with hair frizz when using a small amount

Intensive night cream

Ingredient in body scrubs – mix with sugar

Lips – natural lip balm

Help skin heal after injury or infection

Natural conditioner

Hair mask

On nipples to sooth irritation

Sooth psoriasis and/or eczema

Regular ingestion to help boost overall health

Use as filling or ingredient in foods for energy boost

Rub on inside of nose to help alleviate allergy symptoms

Nursing mum can ingest daily to help increase milk supply and nutrients

Can help improve insulin levels

Oil Pulling – Natural teeth whiten and improves gum health

Help improve cholesterol levels

Speedy recovery from cold/flu

Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins

Helps with sunburn

Natural personal lubricant

Antibacterial skin cream

Anti-inflammatory properties help with arthritis

Can reduce itch in bites

Rubbed into scalp daily to promote hair growth

Help speed weight loss when consumed daily


On cuticles to help nail grow

Helps with dry skin

Yeast infections

Add to smoothies to give nutritional boost

Boost circulation

Internally and Externallly to speed recovery of UTIs

Shaving cream

Use in the sun

Can be used on pets

Insect repellent

Rash soother

Cold sores

Fungal infections

I know there are even more uses for the famous Coconut Oil out there but here it lots for you to sift through.

🙂   🙂


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