ARBONNE Nutrition

Wow. Arbonne Nutrition has hit NZ and we are all so excited about it. I have done so much research about this range and I cannot wait to share it!

This Nutrition range is Plant-powered that provides all the nutrients you need! 

What is Plant-powered Nutrition? It’s formulas with phytonutrients, which are unique, beneficial botanical compounds that support your health.

No nasty ingredients. No soy No dairy no artificial colours lactose free cholesterol free and gluten free (under 4mmp australian/NZ standard). 100% VEGAN! formulated with NON-GMO ingredients.

The 30 days to healthy living is all about a new lifestyle to get out of your inflammatory state. 

are the thing of the future as we are getting consumed by toxins weather it’s the products we put on our skin or in our mouths! They are predicting our generation of children will be the sickest generation known to man! they will be lucky to make it to age 40 without a debilitating disease!

Incorporating more protein, fibre and nutrients into your diet can go a long way and Arbonne and myself are on a mission to make those changes a little easier for you.


Meal Replacement Shakes – Vanilla & Chocolate 

Plant based protein Shakes contain 20grams of plant protein and essential vitamins and minerals for targeted benefits.

Daily Protein Boost

Delivers 10grams of plant based protein from pea, rice and cranberry without any added sugar or flavours. Protein helps support a feeling of fullness, which helps those on a weight management regimen.

Greens Balance

This makes getting healthy easy with its spectrum of proprietary colour blends and whole fruit and vegetable concentrates – delivers antioxidants and phytonutrients to have a more balanced, healthier diet every day!

Daily Fibre Boost

Most people don’t get enough fibre to meet the recommended 30grams per day. This daily fibre boost provides 12grams of fibre 40% of the daily requirement with EACH SERVING! This heat resistant blend of grain, fruit and vegetable fibres can be added to hot or cold foods, drinks or baked goods to boost fibre intake and support gastrointestinal health.

Herbal Tea

Delicious mild caffeine free Herbal tea with 6 botanicals

Fizz Sticks – Pomegranate & Citrus

Support energy with vitamins and botanical. B vitamins help support energy-yeilding metabolism and targeted botanical like green tea, guarana and ginseng to deliver a modest Boost of energy. Only 15 calories per serving, 2grams of sugar

Nutrition Bars – Chocolate & Fruit

Make a healthy choice with your snack. Tasty, nutrient rich bars deliver 10grams of plant protein to satisfy your hunger while delivering vitamins, minerals and the superfoods quinoa and pumpkin seeds to support good health. 

What do you have to lose? it’s a 45 day back money garentee –

 I cannot wait to start my 30 days to healthy living starting January 2nd 2017! Who’s going to do it with me??? 

Contact me TODAY! Comment on this. Email me Follow me on insta @kayleemaree_x Check out my FB page Pure Harmony 


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