I love CHI CHI ❤

One of my favourite beauty brands has got to be Chi Chi ❤ 

The pigments in the eyeshadows especially are amazing for the reasonable price they are. 

I own quite a few palettes and love them all. 

Recently I brought one of their new eyeshadow palettes the basic instint palette which I absolutely fell in love with and use on a daily basis. 

Another one of my favourites of Chi Chi is the contouring & highlighting palette. I love the yellow banana shade to set my undereye concealer with. I use the light colour to highlight my chin cheeks above eyebrows and my nose. Also the bronzing shades are awesome! The lighter one I use on a daily basis and darker ones for a night occasion.. not that I have had many of them lately 😂😂 I use that to contour my cheek bones top of forehead and sides of nose. I then go in with the glitter highlight shade and apply that above my bronzer and on my brow bone! I also purchased this bad boy for my sister recently and she too loves it! 

The eyebrow pomate is another product I just have to mention. I have tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomate and this one is a pretty close dupe for less than half the price and is much more easy to get – especially for us kiwis anyway! The waxy substance is awesome to work with giving you that fresh bold look. I have literally no eyebrows so I have to draw them on so this product is a MUST to have in my makeup collection. 

The lipsticks – Amazing! The colours are to die for and the shade selection is very large so there is something for everyone! 

I love most of their products but there are two products I dislike.. the first and worst is the foundation! The colour selection is really poor maybe it’s just like that in NZ but I think they are quite orange toned and when I tried mine it oxidised really bad throughout the day and didn’t last more than 5 hours without looking terrible! Not much fresh and flawless sorry to say.

The other product of theirs I dislike is the ultra creamy lip glosses. They were just too creamy I’m not a big lip gloss fan so maybe that’s why I didn’t like them. They looked super funny on my lips and didn’t last long and tasted awful! 

All in all I love CHI CHI though! Especially all of their pigments they are super affordable and I would totally recommend them to anyone to have a try! 

Have you tried any Chi Chi? What’s your most favourite product and product you dislike the most? Let’s compare 😘

Love & Light Beauties xx